Virtual Runners Club was founded in early 2015 when we launched registration for the Inaugural Virtual Runners Club 5K / 10K.  Initially, when the organization was formed, it was centered around group runs and virtual races.  We quickly understood a greater purpose of not only directing awesome virtual races and encouraging the social aspects of running but, we have moved into forming strong charity partnerships with deserving non-profits as well as coaching runners to maximize their ability while minimizing overuse injuries.  

We understand that you may not be able to attend every live race you desire.  That's why we have created a synergistic array of virtual running experiences.  Virtual Runners Club race participants will receive race shirts, finishers metals, and bibs just like they would get at a live race.  We give you all the choices you could possibly need or want from a live running club or race.  

Members can find race information, race registration options, our charity partners and information about online coaching by RRCA Certified Running Coach, Mike Jackson, throughout our website and social media outlets.    

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